Technology, analytics, cloud. Think, act, now.

The speed of technology advancements to grow and run businesses continues at an unparalleled pace. And, the clip is only getting faster. Keeping up with emerging technology tools is difficult for any organization. Tartan Advisors can help. Our team has experience leveraging technology to help you achieve your business needs and expectations.

ROI for IT Investment

We help establish a benefit framework to model return on investment, create the business case, simplify IT, lower costs, review business processes, streamline IT activities, capture internal and external technology spend, evaluate tax impacts, validate investment assumptions, perform scenario analyses, and communicate the change plan with stakeholders.

Cloud Advisory

We help develop a cloud vendor selection strategy, facilitate capturing solution requirements, perform market research and first-pass vendor filtering, write and distribute RFP documents, create scorecards for vendor evaluation, organize vendor communications, get final and best offers, identify cloud deployment partners, and evaluate deployment proposals.


We help align the analytics strategy to investment objectives, develop the project charter, establish business focused frameworks, facilitate executive sessions, identify data assets, structure data definitions, filter and manage data, design the solution roadmap, develop the resource plan, create the business case benefits register, and engage with and train stakeholders.

Enterprise Performance Management

We help assess the organization’s planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities, identify and document stakeholder expectations, leverage leading practices, identify process improvements, evaluate best fit technology options, design solution roadmap, implement technology tool and enablers, and engage with and train stakeholders.

IT Benchmarking

We help define objectives for benchmarking with leadership, set IT capabilities and metrics to benchmark, define data fields for comparability with external benchmarks, collect internal data, perform benchmark, evaluate performance gaps, size opportunities, and support communications with stakeholders.

Program Management

We help focus on business goals, meet stakeholder expectations, set program principles, develop project charters, create and execute the project plan, create progress reports, manage change requests, support work stream leaders, identify issues and address risks, align resources, manage program financials, and communicate with stakeholders.