Connect strategies. Execute tactics. Grow profitably.

The goal of profitable growth is at the top of every CEO’s agenda. In the long-turn, this is a company’s ambition, but in the near term it may be a paradox. We see the opportunity to help clients deliver growth and economic value is through better connecting high-level corporate strategies with more effective tactical-level execution. Our team is prepared to help.

Strategic Planning

We help distinguish facts and hypotheses, establish a total shareholder framing for major decisions, develop probing questions for strategic sessions to identify competitive advantage, highlight pathways among strategic options, align resources to strategic choices made, target quantifiable improvements, and design a actionable strategy-to-value plan.

Pre-Day One M&A Planning

We help confirm the business context to deliver deal value, establish an integration vision with the leadership team, define options to realize synergies, focus on target outcomes, identity capabilities required for key roles, determine resource levels, develop criteria to select integration partners, and initiate a formalized plan for integration.

Total Shareholder Return

We help determine how the business model drives economic value, assess potential and in-process initiatives, establish the right performance metrics that impact customers and operations, build value management as a core capability, measure performance, align reward systems with desired employee behaviors, and design action plans to drive value.

Organizational Design

We help define strategic drivers with leadership, set design principles and criteria, define future core capabilities, develop the operating model, align business processes and workflow, design the organization, create job profiles, assess business impact, form the transition strategy, develop training, and communicate the change plan with stakeholders.

Divestiture Planning

We help create an economic value model to evaluate and release unprofitable investments, model and rank investments by economic margin percentage, highlight absolute and relative performance among investments, detail second level drivers of performance, evaluate options to fix or divest, and design plans and communications to initiate actions.


We help perform an independent business review, diagnose markets and operations, evaluate management gaps, prepare financial sensitivity analyses, forecast cash flows and liquidity, identify cash generation opportunities, address bank covenants, meet reporting requirements, define a turnaround plan, and communicate with stakeholders.

Interim Management Services

We help provide management support for leadership and functional roles, address planned or unexpected opportunities, drive or support teams leading strategic transactions, guide the process to achieve results, and provide stability for periods of uncertainty and transition.

Integration Management Office

We help initiate a management system to achieve integration objectives, communicate with stakeholders, manage risks, drive progress, develop and align plans with cross-functional leaders, and leverage tools, templates, and checklists such as for supply chain, facilities, risk management, investor relations, regulatory, contracts, legal, HR, finance and IT.