Firm Overview

Tartan Advisors focuses on helping clients drive market-leading and practical business solutions to achieve a competitive advantage. We are changing the paradigm of traditional advisory services through a distinctive service model that provides top-notch professionals with industry and Big Four consulting expertise across multiple disciplines. Our goal is to help our clients realize positive change with integrity through invested leadership and experienced resources.

Core Solutions

Core solutions of focus include CFO Services, Technology, and Profitable Growth serving public, private, and not-for-profit organizations.

Achieving Competitive Advantage

To help clients achieve competitive advantage, Tartan Advisors uses a structured approach to assist business leaders establish goals, define levers, and identify tactics to improve the value and performance of the enterprise. Four dimensions – customer, operating, valuation, and innovation – each provide levers to target opportunities to enhance sustainable business performance.

Our Total Shareholder Return Framework provides more insights to visualize tactics on how Tartan Advisors can help your organization achieve competitive advantage.